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Administrative history: The Chinese National Relief and Rehabilitation Administration (CNRRA) was formally established 22 January 1945. Predecessor: UNRRA China Mission, established on 9 November 1943 (along with numerous other country missions). Successor: The Commission on Rehabilitation Affairs, established November 1947.

Series consists of 607 photographs taken by a variety of UNRRA photographers, for the UNRRA Visual Information Office, Washington, D.C. Most have a corresponding original negative (numbered C-1 etc.). Description/arrangement is according to the subject categories (by country, and therein by themes) which were set up either by the UNRRA Visual Information Office or the UN Department of Information. Series transferred to the United Nations Department of Public Information, Visual Information Section, by agreement of 10 March 1947. Description includes photograph negative numbers. Negatives are arranged in number order rather than by country.

Related records: For UNRRA China Mission photographs see S-0800.

Series consists of Mr. Arolsen's files relating to consultations with governments and related. Correspondents include: Lieut. General Sir Frederick E. Morgan, Chief of Operations, Germany; Myer Cohen, Acting Chief of Operations; and Jay B. Krause, Chief of the Reports and Analysis Division. Arranged alphabetically by subject.

United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration (UNRRA)/Germany Mission: Central Headquarters in Arolsen, Office of the Chief and Deputy Chief of Operations

Series consists of correspondence, memoranda, incoming and outgoing cables, and reports relating to legal matters. Subjects include but are not limited to the following: interpretations, drafts, and revisions of U.S., British, French, and military agreements; military government laws affecting displaced persons and civilians; assistance for displaced persons; voluntary agencies; legal assistance and protection for displaced persons and stateless persons; unaccompanied children; emigration and repatriation of displaced persons; supplies and transport; UNRRA personnel; and individual case files of displaced persons. Correspondents include Manfred Simon, Legal Adviser; and General Sir Frederick Morgan, Director, UNRRA Central Headquarters (Classified).