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AG-067 · Fonds · 1993 - 2007

The functional description of records in AG-067 is based on the “Peacekeeping and Political Operations Retention Schedule,” DPKO/DFS, v. 3, June 2011. The names of the series comprising AG-067 were drawn from the records series listed in the retention schedule. During archival processing, the files were assigned to series based on their function.

In AG-067, the office of origin described in the box title indicates the records' origin from the mission's organizational structure. In a departure from this, the office of origin for records that originate from 2008/0126 is described in the box title as either UNMOT or UNTOP. With the exception of records from 2008/0126 that were assigned to S-1868 and S-1869, it was not possible to identify a more specific office of origin.

AG-067 contains records of the United Nations Mission of Observers in Tajikistan (UNMOT) (1994-2000) and the United Nations Tajikistan Office of Peace Building (UNTOP) (2000-2007). All folders in AG-067 are identified as originating from either UNMOT or UNTOP in the Folder Properties in the Office of Origin field.

Fonds consists of the following Series:
S-1871 Security Management
S-1869 Human Rights
S-1868 Humanitarian Affairs - Coordination, partnership
S-1866 Elections
S-1865 Military
S-1864 Management and Integration - Reporting to United Nations Headquarters
S-1863 Political Affairs - Coordination, partnership - Discussion, negotiation
S-1862 Public Information and Communications

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