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Series consists of records created and maintained by the Protocol and Liaison Section of the Executive Office of the Secretary-General not filed in the Secretariat's Central Registry filing system. The Protocol and Liaison Section was responsible to assist delegates with protocol, functions, and with respect to diplomatic Privileges and immunities. Records document Social events and Official functions, flag and emblem issues, General Assembly protocol details, Official visits to the United Nations, the funeral of count Bernadotte, and related. Arrangement is in two sets, the subject files of an earlier period, 1946-1953, and the chronological files of 1958-1969. - the subject files are organized by year.

Related records: Central Registry files created by the Protocol and Liaison Section during this period - see series S-0472.

Victor Lessiovski - working files

Personal Assistant to the Secretary-General (1963-1971:Lessiovski)

Series consists of working files of Victor Lessiovski, including press releases, summary reports, statistical information, lists of participants and other information relating to 1970 World Youth Assembly, reports and minutes of meetings of preparatory committee, suggestions and some correspondence relating to the celebration of the 25th anniversary of the UN in 1970, and miscellaneous General Assembly papers, such as lists of speakers and related correspondence, meeting schedules, etc.

Accession number is 72/124

Series consists of incoming and outgoing code cables - numbered and unnumbered including daily situation reports - SITREP between top echelon United Nations officials in New York headquarters and in missions in Southeast Asia, Africa, the Middle East, Europe and Eastern Europe. Subjects relate to administrative matters including personnel, mission composition, and travel arrangements; human rights; economic and social matters ; local elections; activities of peace-keeping and observer missions inspections; political events and incidents; and Security Council consultations and meetings. Correspondents include Secretary-General Boutros Boutros-Ghali; Chief of Staff Jean Claude Aime ; Under-Secretary-General for Special Political Affairs Marrack Goulding; and Under-Secretary General for Political Affairs Jonah.

Accessions include 96/60, boxes 1-10.

Actual series size: 35 boxes.


Technical Assistance
S-0175 · Serie · 1949 - 1992
Parte de United Nations Registry Section (1946-1979)

Administrative history: The Registry Section was established ca. 1954; the system was discontinued in 1979, after the decision to move to a decentralized records management system. Function was the centralization of Secretariat recordkeeping in one large classification system. Predecessor was Central Registry Section. Succeeded by decentralized recordkeeping by departments in consultation with the Archives Section's records management programme.

Series consists of the Registry Section's files relating to Technical Assistance registry files, referred to as the TE series. The alpha-numeric filing system key has not yet been located. Included in the sequence, however, are the following subject files: Afghanistan (AFGH), Africa (AFR), Algeria (ALGE), Angola (ANG), Antigua (ANTIG), Burma (BUR), Argentina (ARGEN), Bahamas (BAHAM), Bahrein (BAHR), Bangladesh (BANGD), Barbados (BARB), Basutoland (BASU), Bechuanaland (BECH), Benin (BEN), Bhutan (BHUT), Bolivia (BOLI), Botswana (BOTS), Brazil (BRAZ), British East Africa (BREAF), British Guiana (BRGU), British Honduras (BRHO), Brunei (BRUN), British Virgin Islands (BVI), Bulgaria (BULG), Burma (BUR), Burundi (BURU), and so forth. Filing numbers are cited in the title field.