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S-0526-0350-0001-00022 · Item · 1960-12-31
Part of United Nations Korean Reconstruction Agency (UNKRA) (1950-1958)

Harbor Dredge: Korea's shipping has been hampered since early in the war by heavily-silted harbors which reduced the country's ability to receive military and aid goods. Two of her three dredges were sunk and a third was badly damaged. UNKRA undertook a harbor-dredging program which included the building of a dredge in Honolulu at a cost of more than $1,000,000, the hydrographic survey of Kunsan and other harbors, and the provision of facilities for training Korean dredging crews and equipment for repair of other dredges. The dredge Chin Hae Man arrived in Kunsan in December of 1953, and was officially turned over to the government of the Republic of Korea on 14 January,1954.

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Part of United Nations Korean Reconstruction Agency (UNKRA) (1950-1958)

Suwon Agricultural College and Central Agricultural Experiment Station: Suwon Agricultural College and the Central Forest Experiment Station at Suwon are the nerve center of South Korean's agricultural research facilities. Most of the buildings and laboratories at these institutions were damaged or destroyed in the fighting. By mid-February of 1954 Korean contractors had completed work on the College and Station, and about 100 smaller buildings had been rehabilitated. A ceremony marking completion of this phase of the work was held on 19 March.