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The Secretariat consisted of a small staff, headed by a Deputy Director-General, whose principal function was to service the UNRRA Council and its committees. It was responsible for arranging and preparing for Council sessions and committee meetings; for providing technical and secretarial services, including drafting, reproduction, translation, and distribution of documents; and for maintaining official membership lists and records and documents of the Council and the committees.
The Secretariat was also intended originally to serve as a general intelligence, liaison and reporting staff for the Director-General, but most of these functions, except for the compilation of the Director-General's reports to the Central Committee, were taken over by other offices of UNRRA.
The Secretariat was abolished effective 15 October 1947 (HQ Adm. Order 103, Supp. 12), its remaining functions being transferred to the Office of the Chief Executive Officer and (documents work) to the Records Section of the Bureau of Administration.

Subject Files
S-0613 · Series · 1939 - 1948
Part of United Nations Special Committee on Palestine (UNSCOP) (1947)

Series consists of memoranda, reports, cables, publications, pamphlets, and incident reports.

Subjects include but are not limited to the following: Jewish, Arab, and UK governments and organizations; Christian communities in Palestine; crime; social issues; industry; displaced persons; land transfer; and Arab and Axis powers alliance. Correspondents include Max Seligman; Judge Emil Sandtroem; Jamal Hussein; and Victor Chi-Tsai Hoo.

S-0543 · Series · 1939 - 1954
Part of Department of Economic and Social Affairs (DESA) (1955-present)

Series consists of the records of the Office of the Assistant Secretary-General, including those of ASG David Owen (1946-1950), and his assistants. Also included are the records of the Regional Commissions Section (see S-0932 for the remaining records of this Section). Arranged in the order cited above.

Related records: Series S-0932 is part of the same series.

S-0979 · Series · 1939 - 1948
Part of Department of Economic and Social Affairs (DESA) (1955-present)

Series consists of administrative files of the Division and the files of the Fiscal Commission. The latter include interaction with non-governmental organizations and special economic missions. Arranged in the following order: administrative files of the Division, Fiscal Commission files, followed by the Director's correspondence and ephemera.

S-0888 · Series · 1939 - 1971
Part of Secretary-General U Thant (1961-1971)

Series is comprised of official United Nations documents on peacekeeping matters, arranged in by subject. Subjects are: Middle East; Congo; India - Pakistan; Vietnam; China; Secretary-General (matters referred to); hijacking; kidnapping of diplomats; financing of Peacekeeping operations. Arranged in the preceding order, and therein by type of official document (e.g. General Assembly, Security Council, press releases, etc.).

S-0472 · Series · 1940 - 1996
Part of United Nations Registry Section (1946-1979)

Administrative history: The first records registry was set up during the London period of the Preparatory Commission of the United Nations (between 21 November 1945 and 31 January 1946) and patterned after that of the British Foreign Office (Erlandsson in Archivaria, Winter 1978).

Series contains all the centrally filed records of the Secretariat from its early period. Predominant date range is 1946-1952. The categories of the filing system are: Office of the Secretary-General (100), Administrative and financial (200), Conferences and general services (300), Economic and Social Council (400), Economic Affairs (500), Social Affairs (600), General (700), General Assembly (800), Legal Affairs (900), Public Information (1000), correspondence with individuals and miscellaneous organizations (1100), Security Council (1200), Security Council affairs (1300), Trusteeship Council (1400), Trusteeship affairs (1500), Military Staff Committee (1600). Arranged numerically according to the numbered file classification system.

Related records: For departmentally filed records of the same period see those records groups (now called fonds) which were formerly numbered DAG-1, DAG-2, etc. For earlier related records see the two fonds: United Nations Temporary London Office and Preparatory Commission of the United Nations. Arranged in subject classification number order.

Variations in title: Previously called 'Central Registry 1946-1948' and 'Central Registry (RAG-1)'.

Source of title: Title based on provenance and contents.

Subject files

Series arranged in sub-series as follows: General files (including miscellaneous publications), public interest correspondence (including correspondence of Mr. Alger Hiss), administrative papers, progress reports, and presentation material. Sub-series arranged alphabetically.

S-0681 · Series · 1940 - 1951
Part of United Nations Department of Political Affairs (1992-present)

Good Offices Committee and United Nations Commission for Indonesia

Series consists of correspondence, incoming and outgoing cables, telegrams, telegram excerpts, handwritten documents, memoranda, draft reports, preliminary reports, action reports, formal and informal reports, interim reports, progress reports, final reports, weekly committee reports, incident reports, investigative reports, reports of conversations, annexes to reports, compilations of reports, appendices, working papers and draft working papers, minutes of meetings, records of meetings, summary records, statements, replies to statements, draft rules, rules of procedure, resolutions, agreements, proclamations, declarations, regulations, laws and draft laws, plebiscites, manifestos, motions, orders, petitions, agendas, provisional agendas, interview guides, witness testimonies, communiques, speeches, newsclippings, news bulletins, press releases, press digests, press reviews, transcripts of radio broadcasts, lists, logs, chronologies, glossaries, aides-memoires, corrigenda, rectifications, resumes, biographical notes, booklets, journal articles, maps, routing slips, and song lyrics. Subjects include but are not limited to the following: UNCI organization and administration; Netherlands and Indonesian delegations; UNCI Central Joint Board and its local joint committees and sub-committees; UNCI Contact Committee; UNCI Military Executive Board; UNCI Round Table Conference; The Hague Agreement; Renville Agreement; Benkulan Agreement; Dr. van Roijen's statement of May 7; Roem Memoranda to SECCO; political developments in Madura and West Java; incidents in Bekasi, Makasser, Malang, and Wonosari; Westerling Incident at Bandung; South Moluccas Affair; Dutch military truce violations; Dutch military withdrawal, evacuation, and demobilization; evacuation of Dutch-controlled territory; situation of Chinese residents; detainees on Island of Bangka; expelled families; safety of military observers and other UN personnel; transfer of sovereignty; rights of self-determination; current economic resources; economic policies for post-war Indonesia; dispatch of H.M.S. Kortenauer; International Red Cross; functions and activities of journalists and press officers; political organizations; non-governmental organizations; strikes; casualties; cessation of hostilities; political prisoners; and significant territorial interests.

Correspondents include Trygve Lie, U.N. Secretary-General; J.A. Romanos, Principal-Secretary, UNCI; Hooker A. Doolittle, Chairman, SECCO-UNCI; H.L. s'Jacob, Chairman, UNCI, Batavia; J.R.L. van den Bloock, Chairman, UNCI, Central Joint Board; Dr. Mohd Roem, Chairman, Republican Delegation for the Committee of Good Offices; Tsiang Chia Tung, Chinese Consulate General/Chairman, Consular Commission; Sukarno, President of Republic of Indonesia/Supreme Commander of Armed Forces; Dr. A. K. Gani, Vice Premier of Republic of Indonesia; Major-General D.C. Buurman van Vreeden, Representative of Netherlands Delegation Security Committee; Dr. J. Leimeno, Representative of Delegation of Republic of Indonesia Security Committee; Major-General D.R.A. van Langen, Royal Netherlands Indonesian Army; T.G. Narayanan, Secretary, SECCO Committee of Good Offices; Frank P. Graham, Chairman, SECCO Committee of Good Offices; T. Elink Schuurman, Acting Chairman, Netherlands Delegation Committee Representing the Netherlands Government with the Committee of Good Offices; Abdul Kakir Widjojoatmodjo, Chairman, Netherlands Delegation Committee Representing the Netherlands Government with the Committee of Good Offices; H. van Vredenburch, Vice-Chairman, Netherlands Delegation; Major T.J. Deckers (Belgian), MILEX Board; Colonel Willard B. Carlock (U.S.), MILEX Board; Brigadier C.E. Prior (Australia), Chairman, MILEX Board; Alistair M. Taylor, Press Officer, UNCI; Mr. Aeschlimann, Representative, International Red Cross for South East Asia; Political Bureau Central Committee of Indonesian Communist Party; Federation of Chinese Associations (Chung Hua Tsung Hui); and Working Committee of the Youth Board of Republic of Indonesia.

Related Series:
*S-0004 Records relating to United Nations Commission for Indonesia in AG-011 Executive Office of the Secretary-General EOSG

United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration (UNRRA)/Germany Mission: French Zone (Haslach), Department of Field Operations, Repatriation Division

Series consists of repatriation statistics, administrative orders, general and welfare bulletins, monthly reports of the Central Tracing Bureau, displaced person publications, lists of repatriated and yet-to-be repatriated persons, personnel materials (including lists, statistics and transfers), issues of 'Repatriation News,' agendas and reports for the Relief Services Conference (London, 21-24/5/1946), copies of the European Regional Office's publication 'Notes of the Week,' correspondence, and memoranda. Subjects include repatriation in groups and by country; movement of displaced persons and emigration; food rations; train schedules; demands for visas; and leisure time activities. Correspondents include Lieut.-General F. E. Morgan, Chief of Operations, Germany; General F. Lenclud, Director, French Zone; M. Zablonski, District Repatriement Officer; E. P. Moreland, District Director, Southern French Zone; B. Roberts, Chief Welfare Officer; and Rhea Radin, Acting Chief, Displaced Persons Operations.