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Press matters and public relations
S-1097 · Série organique · 1996 - 2007
Fait partie de Secretary-General Kofi Annan (1997-2006)

Series contains documents pertaining to United Nations press matters and public relations.
General press matters files consist of documents related to press coverage of the United Nations and the Secretary-General; documents inviting the Secretary-General to write articles or contribute messages and statements; documents regarding articles written by the Secretary-General; documents regarding requests of the Secretary-General for interviews and television appearances; documents regarding political cartoons; and documents pertaining to the Office of the Spokesman for the Secretary-General.

Files in the series which pertain to United Nations Day (24 October), Human Rights Day, the 50th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (1998) and the 60th anniversary of the United Nations (2005) include documents regarding preparations for celebratory events, text of statements made and congratulatory letters and statements sent to the United Nations by member states, organizations and the general public.
Also contained in the series are records pertaining to donations of money made to the United Nations and to books, photographs and other items received as gifts by the Secretary-General and his wife Mrs. Nane Annan. Records consist of press releases, press clippings, daily press briefings, correspondence, cards, notes and faxes.

S-0948 · Série organique · 1996 - 2003
Fait partie de United Nations Iraq-Kuwait Observation Mission (UNIKOM) (1991-2003)

Series is comprised of UNIKOM representatives' (primarily Chief Administrative Officer and Force Commander) correspondence with United Nations Headquarters (UNHQ), Kuwaiti authorities, and others. Subjects covered include: transfer of UNIKOM assets to other UN missions; repatriation of Bangladeshi contingent-owned equipment (COE); medical evacuation of UNIKOM personnel from Baghdad to Kuwait following 2003 attack on UNAMI; sale or return of equipment and vehicles to Kuwait; UNIKOM performance reports, mandate review reports, short weekly activity reports, redeployment worksheets, liquidation plan and progress reports; safety and security; CAO monthly reports on mission support; erroneous reporting in regional newspapers; NBC protection equipment; visits to UNIKOM by UN officials and Bangladeshi delegation; claims; incidents and accidents; water & electricity supply; contracts; and alleged discrimination against Sudanese & Jordanian UNIKOM staff members. Record types include standard letters, notes verbales, inter-office memoranda, e-mail correspondence, and related attachments. Series is arranged by non-UNIKOM correspondent (UNHQ, various, and Kuwaiti authorities, in this order) and sub-arranged either by record type (e.g. reports, notes verbales) or chronologically.

Title based on series contents.

S-1860 · Série organique · 1996 - 1997
Fait partie de United Nations Observer Mission in Liberia (UNOMIL)

Electoral Division
The Electoral Division was headquartered in Monrovia and headed by the Senior Electoral Officer (SEO), Carlos Valenzuela. UNOMIL’s electoral mandate for the 1997 Liberian elections was to observe and verify the election process. This was to be conducted in consultation with the Organization of African Unity and the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS). The role of the Electoral Division grew to encompass logistic, operational, and civic education assistance to the Independent Elections Commission (IECOM), the independent organization mandated to organize and administer the elections. The elections were held in July 1997.

Chronological files are included in the records of the Electoral Division consist in part of periodic reports from: the SEO to the SRSG about the registration process; the IECOM to the SEO, titled “Elections Magistrates County Assessment Reports” about operations, personnel and accommodation for polling sites; and from the NGO Refugee Policy Group about the repatriation of refugees and the electoral process.

Chronological files also include notes to file and briefs about: disarmament and the electoral process; revisions to electoral law, the electoral budget, the elections timetable, and to the Code of Conduct for Political Parties; analyses of ECOWAS meetings about the assessment of preparations for the election; meetings with the European Union (EU) Electoral Mission; drafts of the Secretary-General’s briefs to the Security Council about the electoral process with hand-written notes by the SEO.

The records of the Electoral Division also consist of daily, weekly, and monthly field electoral observation reports sent from the SEO to the SRSG which cover such topics as: the roles of UNOMIL and IECOM in the preparation for the elections; and summaries of complaints made by political parties of political intimidation.

Highlights of the Division records include: an 18 January 1997 code cable from the SRSG to UNNY titled “Advanced Planning for UNOMIL’s Electoral Division”, about the status of the mission’s electoral mandate; a 17 June 1997 memorandum titled “Electoral Observation Requirements” to the SRSG from the Electoral Assistance Division (EAD), Department of Political Affairs, UNNY; and a briefing for the Under-Secretary-General for Political Affairs Marrack Goulding’s 12-15 May 1997 visit to the mission to asses the electoral process.

United Nations -Wide Policy
S-1091 · Série organique · 1997 - 2006
Fait partie de Secretary-General Kofi Annan (1997-2006)

Series contains records pertaining to the development and implementation of United Nations-wide policy. Files in the series which pertain to the Office of the Deputy Secretary-General consist of reports to the Deputy Secretary-General about United Nations activities, correspondence between the Deputy Secretary-General and senior officials, press material covering the Deputy Secretary-General's activities, text of messages and statements issued by the Deputy Secretary-General, and records documenting communication between the Deputy Secretary-General and the Secretary-General. Also contained in the series are files which pertain to the activities of Under Secretary-General Maurice F. Strong and which regard the Secretary-General's programme for reform and developments in the Korean peninsula. Series also contains agendas and notes of meetings of the Policy Committee of the Strategic Planning Unit (SPU). Files of the Strategic Planning Unit include background notes for the Secretary-General on meetings of the Policy Committee; records regarding decisions made by the Secretary-General with regard to meetings of the Policy Committee; and policy submissions made to the Policy Committee about United Nations strategies for action in the following countries: Iraq, Afghanistan, Zimbabwe, Uganda, Cote d'Ivoire, Burundi and Sudan. Series also contains records documenting the admission of countries to the United Nations. Records consist of correspondence, reports, memoranda, notes of meetings, notes to the file, and United Nations press releases.

Human Rights

Human Rights Office
The records of the Human Rights Office contain information about human rights educational efforts of the United Nations Tajikistan Office of Peace Building (UNTOP). Activities in this area are described in monthly reports prepared by the UNTOP Human Rights Officer. The reports provide information about: the status of freedom of the press and freedom of association; the rights of Tajik migrant workers; the trials of former combatants; the use of capital punishment; and human rights monitoring carried out by non-governmental organizations in the region. There are also records of the Human Rights Thematic Group, a forum that convened representatives of United Nations agencies and international organizations under the chairmanship of UNTOP. Its aim was to promote and support human rights protection and national capacity building in human rights in Tajikistan. The Thematic Group’s records consist of agenda, summaries of meetings, and project briefs. In addition, there is information about workshops in human rights protection carried out by UNTOP, and a report, dated June 2002, on local compliance with the Convention on Elimination of all Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW).

Deputy Secretary-General's Activities
S-1896 · Série organique · 1998 - 2006
Fait partie de Secretary-General Kofi Annan (1997-2006)

Series 1896 consists of chronological files, statements and schedules of the Deputy Secretary-General. Louise Fréchette was appointed Deputy Secretary-General in April 1997 and concluded her tenure in April 2006.

The chronological file consists of 6.5 boxes of material spanning 1998-2005 with gaps. Records for March to December 2001 are not available. These records provide an overview of Fréchette’s daily work and activities. The files contain information about the Oil-for-Food program, East Timor elections (1999), Sudanese Civil War, crisis in Darfur, avian influenza, and the political situation in Iraq in the early 21st century. In addition, there are invitations, briefing notes, personnel records, weekly updates to the Secretary-General, notes and thank you letters to world diplomats and ministers.

The statements and schedule files consist of 5.5 boxes of material spanning 1998-2006. The records also comprises of speeches, messages and statements, including some handwritten notes within each statement section. The documents also include annotations on the statement and speech transcriptions. Notable statements were on topics such as UNAIDS and how to respond to the challenges of the millennium declaration and the AIDS epidemic, the UN role in Iraqi elections, and the “UN today and tomorrow”, which focused on women on the UN agenda.

The schedule files provide a detailed breakdown of Ms. Fréchette’s travels and meetings for events such as memorial services for victims of bombing in Nairobi and Tanzania (1998), Swiss Air Flight 111 (1998) and for the staff members who lost their lives in the Baghdad bombing on 19 August 2003. Other schedules detailed Fréchette’s attendance at the Task Force on Kosovo (1999) and the Security Council, which focused on consultations regarding Western Sahara, Bosnia and Herzegovina (2003). The itineraries also revealed meetings with high profile officials like Fidel Castro (2000) and Tun Myat, Humanitarian Coordinator for Iraq (2001).

Volume: 12 boxes

Name of Processing Archivist(s): Anne DiFabio, John Joseph

Deputy Secretary-General's Trips
S-1897 · Série organique · 1998 - 2006
Fait partie de Secretary-General Kofi Annan (1997-2006)

Series 1897 consists of records documenting the official and extensive travel of the Deputy Secretary-General. Louise Fréchette was appointed Deputy Secretary-General in April 1997 and concluded her tenure in April 2006. The records primarily consist of briefing and trip books dating from 1998 to 2006. These contain itineraries, program information, background about the country to be visited, profiles of officials, talking points and speeches.

A wide-variety of subjects are addressed in the talking points and speeches such as development reform agenda, in particular, poverty and its links to sexual and reproductive health. Other issues discussed were the reform agenda including management reform, allegations of UN peacekeeper sexual abuse in the Congo and the 30 January 2005 elections in Iraq and developments in Afghanistan and the Bonn Peace Process. Key topics also included the need to raise the awareness and understanding of the magnitude of the HIV/AIDS epidemic and the Security Council resolution 1296 on the “Protection of Civilians in Armed Conflict and Security Council discussion on the Rwanda Report.

In addition, the files detail informal consultations with the General Assembly’s Peacebuilding Commission. Her files for the Sierra Leone Pledging Conference (2005) contain information about a high level donors meeting on Sierra Leone and discussion of elections strategy, the security sector, the extension of state administration.

Volume: 20 boxes

Name of Processing Archivist(s): Emily Legutko, John Joseph

S-1117 · Série organique · 1998 - 2006
Fait partie de United Nations Mission in Sierra Leone (UNAMSIL) (1999-2005)

S-1117 contains records of the Board of Inquiry (BOI) Unit, the Medical Services Section and the Office of the Chief of Administration.

Records of the BOI Unit consist of reports from the Headquarters Board of Inquiry, the Regimental Board of Inquiry and the Contingent Board of Inquiry. These reports include convening orders; incident reports; proceedings; voluntary and witness statement forms; transcripts of interviews and court proceedings; medical and autopsy reports; memoranda regarding United Nations policy; and the findings and recommendations of the Board of Inquiry. The cases concern incidents which resulted in damages to UNAMSIL personnel or property or which were purportedly caused by UNAMSIL personnel. Incidents include traffic accidents, property damages, thefts, injuries, deaths (both accidental and suspicious), and rapes.

Records of the Medical Services Section consist of patient files from the UNAMSIL medical clinic; and entry, periodic and exit exams performed by the UNAMSIL medical clinic. All patient names are present in TRIM in the “Notes” field at the folder level.

Records of the Office of the Chief of Administration include the following: memoranda, notes, briefs and weekly reports sent from the Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) to the Special Representative of the Secretary-General (SRSG); minutes of senior staff and other administrative meetings; memoranda exchanged between UNAMSIL and the Special Court for Sierra Leone; and memoranda of understanding (MOU) between the United Nations and countries participating in UNAMSIL. Records also include the Chief Administrator’s monthly reports to UN headquarters in New York and documentation of UNAMSIL’s management of Lassa fever.