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Office of the Force Commander - Minutes of Meetings

Series contains chiefly minutes and supporting documents (correspondence, inter-office memoranda, pre-meeting briefs, etc.) of meetings between UNIKOM officials and Iraqi or Kuwaiti authorities. Iraqi authorities include the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA), the Coordinating Committee with the United Nations Observer Group (CC), the Ministry of Industry and Minerals, the Senior Iraqi Liaison Officer (SILO) in Umm Qasr and the governor of Basra. Kuwaiti authorities include the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA), the Ministry of Interior International Organizations Liaison Office (IOLO) and the Kuwaiti army. Other records in the series consist of minutes and supporting documents of meetings between UNIKOM or other UN officials and the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), foreign government representatives in Iraq, United Nations regional missions, or the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC). Subjects covered include: redeployment of border posts, activities of the Boundary Demarcation Commission, status of mission agreements, arrests, visits, employment of local personnel, medical support issues, mine clearance, sea traffic in the DMZ, border violations, administrative matters, retrieval of property, return of missing persons, coast guard patrols, alleged cease-fire violations, civilian demonstrations, alleged smuggling, displaced persons camp in DMZ, photography in the DMZ, Bangladeshi infantry battalion (BANBAT), repatriation of human remains, UNIKOM military observer (MILOB) conduct,construction of trench, oil-for-food programme, security, fishing industry, and contracts. Series divided into two sub-series - Iraq and Kuwait - and chiefly arranged chronologically therein. Other meeting minutes are interspersed throughout both sub-series.

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Additional meeting minutes, up to the year 2001, are located in Series S-0945, Operational subject files.

Office of the Force Commander - Liaison Offices, Patrol & Observation Bases, and Kheitan Support Centre

Series chiefly consists of files relating to the activities of UNIKOM Liaison Office - Baghdad (LO-B) and Liaison Office - Kuwait (LO-K). Included also are files pertaining to the Iraqi Liaison Office in Umm Qasr, which liaised with UNIKOM's Liaison Team - Umm Qasr (LTQ); UNIKOM's Kheitan Support Centre, to which LO-K was relocated on 29 May 1995; and UNIKOM patrol & observation bases (POBs). Records consist of standard letters, notes verbales, inter-office memoranda, press releases, meeting minutes, situation reports, Board of Inquiry reports, and Force Commander directives. A significant number of correspondences are between Chief Military Officer / Force Commander and Iraqi or Kuwaiti authorities, transmitted via LO-B or LO-K, respectively. Subjects include: border crossings, protection of Iraqi-Saudi pipeline, deployment of border police, night patrols, violations of ceasefire, evacuation of injured Iraqi civilians from DMZ, mine clearance and related incidents, detention of foreign nationals, return of property, photography in the DMZ, visits to the DMZ by foreign dignitaries and journalists, alleged smuggling, and missing persons. Records arranged by office / agency and chronologically therein.

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Office of the Force Commander - Incidents, Complaints and Violations

Series contains records related to incidents and violations in the DMZ, and formal complaints filed by Kuwait and Iraqi authorities to UNIKOM. Record types include standard letters, notes verbales, Board of Inquiry convening orders, memoranda, meeting minutes, liaison office periodic summaries, occurrence reports, situation reports, and newspaper clippings. Subjects include shooting incidents, aggression toward UNIKOM personnel, illegal border crossings, asylum seekers, police deployment in the DMZ. All but first three files arranged by case report number.

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Office of the Force Commander - Boundary Demarcation Commission

Series documents the United Nations Iraq-Kuwait Boundary Demarcation Commission's (IKBDC) mapping of the Iraq-Kuwait border and implementation of the demilitarized zone (DMZ) along this frontier following the 1991 Persian Gulf War. Subjects covered include land survey, mine clearance, procurement of equipment, engineering, contracting, security, and coordination with UNIKOM. Document types include notes verbales, inter-office memoranda, press releases, minutes of meetings with government authorities, committee on contracts meeting minutes, operations briefs, progress reports, timelines, and newspaper articles. Files arranged chronologically.

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Office of the Force Commander - Return of Kuwaiti Property and Missing Persons

Series documents the return of Kuwaiti property taken by Iraq following its invasion of the country in 1990. Materials returned include those removed from the Kuwaiti national archives, national museum, and central library, such as documents, paintings, archaeological objects, laboratory equipment, and books. Specifically, the return of items from the Kuwaiti archives was headed by J. Richard Foran, Assistant Secretary-General for General Services. Documents contained in the series include press releases, emails, inter-office memoranda, letters, and meeting minutes. Subjects covered: handover procedures and locations, engineering, logistics, and security. A small number of records pertains to repatriation of Kuwaiti nationals. Files arranged by subject and chronologically therein.

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Office of the Force Commander - Operational Subject Files

Operational subject files of the Office of the Force Commander. Records include: minutes of meetings with governments and various agencies, correspondence with Iraqi and Kuwaiti authorities, situation reports, Board of Inquiry cases, Force Commander directives and instructions, standard operating procedures for UNIKOM sectors, reports on humanitarian situation, legal adviser opinions, and UNIKOM evacuation plans. Files at beginning of series are dated chiefly 2000 to 2003 and arranged by subject classification number. Files at end of series, dated 1992 to 2003, are arranged in no apparent order.

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Series includes later correspondences and minutes of meetings that serve as a continuation of the contents of series S-0939 and S-0940, respectively.

Office of the Chief Administrative Officer - UNIKOM Service Insitute, UNIKOM Club, and Kheitan Club

Series contains meeting minutes, constitutions, and general operational records of three UNIKOM business establishments: UNIKOM Service Institute (USI), UNIKOM Club, and Kheitan Club. Also included are related agreements between UNIKOM and the Army and Air Force Exchange Service and between UNIKOM and Iraq. Folders are arranged by subject and chronologically therein.

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Office of the Chief Administrative Officer - Correspondence

Series is comprised of UNIKOM representatives' (primarily Chief Administrative Officer and Force Commander) correspondence with United Nations Headquarters (UNHQ), Kuwaiti authorities, and others. Subjects covered include: transfer of UNIKOM assets to other UN missions; repatriation of Bangladeshi contingent-owned equipment (COE); medical evacuation of UNIKOM personnel from Baghdad to Kuwait following 2003 attack on UNAMI; sale or return of equipment and vehicles to Kuwait; UNIKOM performance reports, mandate review reports, short weekly activity reports, redeployment worksheets, liquidation plan and progress reports; safety and security; CAO monthly reports on mission support; erroneous reporting in regional newspapers; NBC protection equipment; visits to UNIKOM by UN officials and Bangladeshi delegation; claims; incidents and accidents; water & electricity supply; contracts; and alleged discrimination against Sudanese & Jordanian UNIKOM staff members. Record types include standard letters, notes verbales, inter-office memoranda, e-mail correspondence, and related attachments. Series is arranged by non-UNIKOM correspondent (UNHQ, various, and Kuwaiti authorities, in this order) and sub-arranged either by record type (e.g. reports, notes verbales) or chronologically.

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Office of the Chief Administrative Officer - Operational subject files

Operational subject files of the Office of the Chief Administrative Officer. Folder topics, in this order, are: contingent-owned equipment; relocation of UN assets from UNIKOM installations; assistance to humanitarian operations; status of mission agreements with Iraq and Kuwait; opinions of or audits by the Office of Internal Oversight Services (OIOS), United Nations Board of Auditors (BOA), and the Advisory Committee on Administrative and Budgetary Questions (ACABQ); UNIKOM Supply and Property Management Section (SPMS); administrative instructions; information circulars; general administrative matters; and administrative flowcharts.

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