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United Nations Conference on International Organization (UNCIO) (1945) Con objetos digitales
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UNCIO Photographs -- Guiellermo Toriello, C.S. Simpson, Gerard E. Lescot -- International Conference San Francisco

Original Caption: International News Phtos, San Francisco Bureau Slug/Guatamala -- Liberia, Haiti .... Among those who spoke today before teh United Nations Conference on International Organization were teh following, left to right... Guiellermo Toriello, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Chairman of the delegation from Guatemala, C.C. Simpson Vice President and Chairman of the delgation from Liberia, and Gerard E. lescot, Minister of Foreign affairs adn chairman of the delegation from Haiti April 1 1945.

B&W print with original caption attached.

UNCIO Photographs -- Jan marsaryk, Foreign Minister of Czechoslovakia

Original caption: "Jan Masaryk, Foreing Minister of Czechoslovakia and head of his delegation to the United Nations Conference, steps off his plane at San Francisco with the observation that "Little people should b[e] seen and not heard" at the conference. April 4, 1945

B&W print, original caption attached.

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