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S-0503 · Série organique · 1946 - 1972
Fait partie de United Nations Department of Political Affairs (1992-present)

Security Council and and Political Committees Division (DPSCA) Subject Files (DAG-4/4).

It contains sub-series
(a) Security Council ballots relating to the election of International Court of Justice (ICJ)
(b) Subject files relating to the Sub-Committee on the Situation in Angola
(c) Exhibits re Haiti's complaint to the Security Council on 21 May 1963
(d) Subject files relating to the Special Mission to Guinea in 1970
(e) Subject files and sound records relating to the Special Mission to Senegal in 1971.

Included are ballots facts, submitted by the Representative of Haiti in connection with his government's complaint to the Security Council on May 21, 1968; correspondence, memoranda, reports, cables, maps, photographs, and other documents of the Special Mission to the Republic of Guinea, 1970; and correspondence, cables, minutes and agendas, lists of staff, hearings and interviews, working papers, reports, press releases, and other documents of the Security Council Special Mission to Senegal established under Resolution 294, 1965-1972, with the bulk of the material 1970-1971. The Mission took place in 1971.

S-0562 · Série organique · 1947 - 1954
Fait partie de United Nations Department of Political Affairs (1992-present)

Series includes textual and microfilm records. As a result of the UNCCP records modernization project, the Division for Palestinian Rights, DPA, transferred to the Archives in May 2000 428 CDs; 2 CDs of the Geographic Information System, the project's operational system; and the GIS (MicroStation) software which are kept in the Archives Secretariat Building storage.

The United Nations Conciliation Commission for Palestine's (UNCCP) responsibilities included mediation among parties to the Palestinian dispute - Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, and Syria; the rehabilitation and relocation of refugees; and the internationalization of Jerusalem. Conciliation Commission's (UNCCP) Land Identification Project. Its task was to create a record of individual Arab land holdings in Israel which would serve as basis for verifying individual claims of ownership and their valuation for purposes of compensation. Included are an index of land owners names by sub-district, village or town, and owner name; files containing various forms containing information assembled by the project such as location and description of land, names of owners, encumbrances (mortgages, leases, etc.), taxation category, and valuation. Other data is also included about rural and urban land-holdings in the sub-districts of Acre, Beersheba, Beisan, Gaza, Haifa, Hebron, Jaffa, Jein, Nablus, Nazareth, Ramallah, Ramle, Safad, and Tulkarm. Also included are microfilms of Turkish land registers, and registers of titles and deeds, ca. 1869-1948; and miscellaneous tally sheets, working papers, and statistics prepared by the project. Also, some office records of UNCCP, ca. 1948-1960, consisting of correspondence with Israel and Arab governments and others, reports, maps, cables concerning refugees, the "Jerusalem Question", and other political matters. Many come from the office of the Legal Advisor, Axel Serup.

S-0502 · Série organique · 1946 - 1975
Fait partie de United Nations Department of Political Affairs (1992-present)

Administrative history: The Armaments Control and Enforcement Measures Section was previously known as the Conventional Armaments and Enforcement Measures Section.
Series consists of working files and a set of Semi-Monthly Survey of Events (1951-1960). Working files are in no particular arrangement; these are followed by the reports which are arranged chronologically.

S-1008 · Série organique · 1972 - 1983
Fait partie de United Nations Department of Political Affairs (1992-present)

Records cover period 1978-1981
Creating office: DPSCA, Centre for Disarmament (1974-1982)
Transferring office - Department for Disarmament Affairs (1984-
Series consists of correspondence, draft reports, research papers, and printed reference materials relating to a report prepared by the UN Group of Governmental Experts on the relationship between disarmament and development.

S-0020 · Série organique · 1936 - 1997
Fait partie de United Nations Department of Political Affairs (1992-present)

Series consists of covering letters, correspondence and accounts of meetings (photostats) which are German Foreign Ministry records (evidently International Military Tribunal at Nuremberg exhibits), statements (photostats) of USSR prisoners of war who had been German officers in Spain, English language summaries of German Foreign Office documents on microfilm at the United States' Department of State, and a wide variety of additional material, all relating to providing data, as requested, to the Security Council's subcommittee on Spain established in 1946. The primary German Foreign Office correspondents are Franco and Mussolini. Submissions are by Security Council member countries (France, Britain, the United States, and the USSR), and by anti-fascism Spanish bodies (the Basque government, the exiled Spanish Republic, representatives of labour contingents, etc). Unarranged.

S-0500 · Série organique · 1942 - 1959
Fait partie de United Nations Department of Political Affairs (1992-present)

Creator/collector: United Nations. Department of Security Council Affairs. Assistant Secretary-General

Series consists of: correspondence arranged by region (Balkans, China, Eritrea, India/Pakistan, Indians of South America, International Court of Justice, Italian colonies, Korea, and Libya); Four Power Commission of Investigation for the Former Italian Colonies reports; Technical Committee on Berlin Currency and Trade documents; UN Commission to Investigate Conditions for Free Elections in Germany records; and a small publications collection. Arranged in the preceding order and therein variously.

S-0724 · Série organique · 1914 - 1960
Fait partie de United Nations Department of Political Affairs (1992-present)

Series consists of correspondence, memoranda, reports, incoming and outgoing cables, code cables, press communiques, press clippings, resolutions, draft documents, journal excerpts, telegrams, verbatim reports from meetings, press statements, press releases, working papers, testimonies, and brochures. Subjects include but are not limited to the following: South African legislation; apartheid; economic aspects of the problem of communism; The Afrikaner Party; The Torch Commando; policy statements; racial tensions; strikes; passive resistance; Geneva Session; and government responses.

Correspondents include Mr. Kamleshwar Das, Acting Secretary, UNCORS; Dr. D. Protitch, Principal Director, Department of Political and Security Council Affairs, UN Headquarters; Jean A. Romanos, Principal Secretary, UNCORS; Hernan Santa-Cruz, President, Chairman, UN Commission on Racial Situation in South Africa; Andrew Cordier, Executive Assistant to the Secretary-General; Carey Seward, Acting Director, Field Operations Service, UN Headquarters; Dag Hammarskjold, Secretary-General; and D. Tloome, Acting Secretary-General, African National Congress.