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200 pigs flown to Korea
S-0526-0183-0012-00001 · Item · 1955-01-01 - 1956-12-31
Part of United Nations Korean Reconstruction Agency (UNKRA) (1950-1958)

200 pigs flown to Korea in first animal airlift. Two hundred pigs made a flight half-way around the world to do their part in the reconstruction of Korea. The UNKRA imported this breeding stock to replenish the drastically reduced Korean supply. The Heifer Project Committee, an interdenominational voluntary society, cooperates with the U.N. Agency in this project. This picture, taken upon arrival of the plane in Korea, shows Dr. Reisinger, of UNKRA (at right), and Mr. Lee (left), Korean Quarantine Representative, helping unload the crated pigs from the truck in which they were taken to the Quarantine Station. Pusan, Korea, June 1952.

S-0526-0345-0017-00001 · Item · 1956-12-31
Part of United Nations Korean Reconstruction Agency (UNKRA) (1950-1958)

This picture shows the southern en of the big railroad bridge across the Han River, near Seoul. The bridge was destroyed by soldiers of the Republic of Korea during their army's retreat shortly after the invasion of 25 June 1950. Another railroad bridge and a highway bridge have been temporarily rebuilt, but the south en and the middle span of this major structure are still down. [Photograph 527]

S-0526-0345-0016-00001 · Item · 1956-12-31
Part of United Nations Korean Reconstruction Agency (UNKRA) (1950-1958)

Barley being unloaded at Pusan under the UNKRA $11,000,000 program of food imports for the financial year 1953. J. Donald Kingsley, then UNKRA Agent General, and Paik Too-Chin, Acting Prime Minister of the Republic of Korea, examine a sack of barley at the unloading ceremony. On the right is Shin Chung Mok, Minister of Agriculture and Forestry. Photographer: J. Breitenbach. [Photograph 581]

Captions for Photos 580-595
S-0526-0354-0005-00019 · Item · 1960-12-31
Part of United Nations Korean Reconstruction Agency (UNKRA) (1950-1958)

GRAIN CEREMONY: In fiscal 1953 UNKRA shipped $6,000,000 worth of barley to Korea to be sold for currency needed to finance the local cost of reconstruction projects. The Advisory Committee in March raised the figure for the project to $11,000,000.This picture series was taken at the dockside ceremony at Pusan when the first shipment arrived 5 February 1953.

Cheju-do island
S-0526-0345-0011-00001 · Item · 1956-12-31
Part of United Nations Korean Reconstruction Agency (UNKRA) (1950-1958)

Some 280,000 people live on Cheju-do, a rocky, volcanic island lying off the south coast of the Korean peninsula. Four power plants built on the island by the UNKRA were put in operation recently, revealing Cheju-do as a symbol of UN aid in the Pacific. Built at a cost of $550,000 and installed under the supervision of UNKRA consultant engineers, they are situated in Cheju City, Hallim, Mosul-po and Sogwi-po. For the first time these townships and surroundings areas have continuous light for five to six hours in the evening. Here is an interior view of the Cheju City plant, which is the largest of the four; it is equipped with three 250 kw diesel electric generators with the accompanying switch gear. The plants are operated by the South Korea Electric Company. July 1956. [Photograph 4076]