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Photo 1411

Ben C. Rothwell, Canada's Queen's Printer, discusses construction details with his Korean foreman on the site of the Textbook Printing Plant at Yongdongpo, Seoul. Mr. Rothwell is on loan from the Canadian Government and is helping UNKRA in training Korean staff to operate the plant after it is built and equipped. UNESCO is co-operating with UNKRA in the project.

Photo 1414

The houses, equipped with the traditional ondol floor which uses heat from the kitchen stove to warm the sleeping rooms, are built with a minimum of exchange-consuming imported materials. The earth blocks are plastered with a mixture of earth and cement in the same proportions as that used in the clocks themselves.

Photo 1426

Pong Hack elementary school on Yong-do, a small island in the midst of Pusan. UNKRA provided materials for permanent classrooms, and KCAC aided construction of a temporary addition. The classrooms house 1,500 students, and classes are held in shifts to accommodate the boys and girls.

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