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United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration (UNRRA) (1943-1946) Unidad documental simple
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[Albania] this is a bridge the Albanian Partisans destroyed themselves to hamper the German retreat

Photograph shows destroyed bridge. Other title information: "There is an alternative road so they have not wasted time and material to repair it". Photo by Robertson (Photographer's no. Alb. Ph. 1110453). No date [ca. Dec. 1945]. Photo no. UNRRA / 1025.

[Albania] Rrogozhine, three bridges over the Shkumbini River

Photograph shows destroyed bridge and bridge under construction. Other title information: "In the background the one the Germans destroyed in their retreat, in front the new one which the Albanians have almost completed, in the foreground the temporary bridge almost at water level. Photo by Tirane Ristani (photographer's no. Alb. Ph. 1110451). No date [ca. Dec. 1945]. Photo no. UNRRA / 1608.

[Albania] Shkoder, Albania, 4 December 1945

Photograph shows bridge and truck. Other title information: "To cross the Drin I Madh River and enter the first city in Albania near the Yugoslav frontier, UNRRA's 127 trucks (lorries) had to negotiate this narrow bridge. Photo by Winter (photographer's no. Alb. Ph. 1112457). Photo no. UNRRA / 3675.

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