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Cheju-do island
S-0526-0345-0011-00001 · Item · 1956-12-31
Part of United Nations Korean Reconstruction Agency (UNKRA) (1950-1958)

Some 280,000 people live on Cheju-do, a rocky, volcanic island lying off the south coast of the Korean peninsula. Four power plants built on the island by the UNKRA were put in operation recently, revealing Cheju-do as a symbol of UN aid in the Pacific. Built at a cost of $550,000 and installed under the supervision of UNKRA consultant engineers, they are situated in Cheju City, Hallim, Mosul-po and Sogwi-po. For the first time these townships and surroundings areas have continuous light for five to six hours in the evening. Here is an interior view of the Cheju City plant, which is the largest of the four; it is equipped with three 250 kw diesel electric generators with the accompanying switch gear. The plants are operated by the South Korea Electric Company. July 1956. [Photograph 4076]

S-0526-0168-0002-00002 · Item · 1950-01-01 - 1958-12-31
Part of United Nations Korean Reconstruction Agency (UNKRA) (1950-1958)

UNKRA-furnished equipment and technical assistance played a principal part in bringing about the large increase in coal production in South Korea. Coal output rose from 866,700 metric tons in 1953 at the start of UNKRA assistance to 2,651,700 metric tons in 1958 when major UNKRA operations were concluded. [Photograph 6118]

New Power plant
S-0526-0168-0002-00004 · Item · 1950-01-01 - 1958-12-31
Part of United Nations Korean Reconstruction Agency (UNKRA) (1950-1958)

Installation in 1955 of this UNKRA-supplied 60,000 kVA, 154/66 kV transformer at the principal power receiving station for the Seoul area restored 66 kV power transmission to Seoul for the first time since 1951. The transformer also resulted in substantial reduction in power losses. [Photograph 7876]