Serie S-0711 - Subject Files from the Office of Sir Robert Jackson

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Subject Files from the Office of Sir Robert Jackson


  • 1965 - 1974 (Creación)

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No. of Boxes: 28

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Serie consists of correspondence, incoming and outgoing cables, code cables, telegrams, memoranda, aide-memoires, photographs, reports, summary records of meetings, bulletins, proposals, handwritten notes, press releases, contracts, proposals, reports, news clippings, blueprints, pamphlets, brochures, charts, business cards, invoices, and government publications.

Subjects include but are not limited to the following: applications for employment; financial authorizations; repair of ships belonging to the Federal Republic of Germany; blankets; bridges; Chittagong Port; India and Pakistan ceasefire; UN communications network; contributions; finances; food grains; food shipments; health and medical supplies; minibulkers; trucks; transportation; warehouses; individual country files; organizations and specialized agencies providing some service or aid; and UN shipwreck clearance of Chalna Port anchorage and approaches Lower Pusur River.

Correspondents include Albert De Lauro, Acting Chief, Field Operating Services; Pierre Sales, Director, UNROD, Headquarters; Victor Umbricht, Chief of Mission, UNROD, Dacca; George Lasky, Chief, Field Operating Services; Nicky Beredjick, Director, UNROD Operations; Pierre L. Sales, Director, UNROD; Sir Robert Jackson, Under-Secretary-General for Bangladesh Affairs; U. Thant, Secretary-General; Paul-Marc Henry, Assistant Secretary-General in Charge, UNEPRO; Stephen R. Tripp, Senior Advisor, UNEPRO; R.E. Guyer, Under-Secretary for Special Political Affairs; Subhas Dhar, Acting Chief of Mission, UNROB, Dacca; William McCaw, Acting Representative of the Secretary-General; and Andre Varchaver, Acting Director, Liason.

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Arranged alphabetically by subject.

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DAG-13/2.4.1, boxes 1-2, 8-29

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