Serie S-0689 - Subject Files of the United Nations Commission for Unification and Rehabilitation of Korea (UNCURK) in the Research Department

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Subject Files of the United Nations Commission for Unification and Rehabilitation of Korea (UNCURK) in the Research Department


  • 1948 - 1973 (Creación)

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No. of Boxes: 18

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United Nations Commission for Unification and Rehabilitation of Korea (UNCURK); Research Department

Series consists of correspondence, reprints of cables, memoranda, interim reports, monthly, fortnightly and weekly surveys, verbatim records of meetings, summary records of meetings, working papers, statements, decisions, resolutions, draft resolutions, appendices, annexes, addenda, indexes, corrigenda, comments, meeting notes, communiques, summaries of discussions, summaries of trail proceedings, records of local charges, indictment papers, law amendments, programmes, radio broadcast schedules, transcripts of radio broadcasts, news digests, press releases, press briefings, press clippings, speeches, translations, lists and chronologies. Subjects include but are not limited to the following: administration; personnel; field trips; General Assembly of UNCURK; political developments, elections, legal aspects of elections; Presidential Election Law; New Election Law; Constitution of Republic of Korea; National Assembly; Republic of Korea National League for Self-Unification; Anti-Communist Law; law suits; economy; UNKRA Counterpart Fund; UNKRA Reconstruction Agency; UNESCO assistance to Korea; Land Reform Act; trade unions; the case of Suh Min Ho; North Korean Agents; espionage ring in East Berlin; political surveillance of students; trial and sentancing of students; Five-Point Programme for Peace in Korea; South-North Joint Communique; Mutual Defense Treaty between Republic of Korea and U.S.A.; and Chinese and Japanese attitudes. Correspondents include U Thant, UN Secretary-General; Dag Hammerskjold, UN Secretary-General; Kurt Waldheim, UN Secretary-General; Ali Nekunam, Principal Secretary, UNCURK; Andrew Cordier, Executive Assistant to UN Secretary-General; Hugh A. Dunn, Chairman, UNCURK; Bulend N. Kestelli, Chairman, UNCURK; Geoffrey V. Bradig, Chairman, UNCURK; Chin Pil Shik, Minister of Foreign Affairs, UNCURK; and President Chung Hee Park, Republic of Korea.

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