Série organique S-0142 - Technical Assistance Projects Files - Mineral Branch

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Technical Assistance Projects Files - Mineral Branch


  • 1960 - 1995 (Production)

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The series consists of records which deal with the origination, formulation, execution and evaluation of the relevant projects. The types of records include any of the following: proposals, preparatory documentation, agreements, plans of operation and various reports such as progress, technical, mission, evaluation, etc. There are also departmental supporting documents which comprise background data, guidelines, studies, terms of reference and other relevant papers that bear elements further elucidating project activities. The department which is responsible for providing the necessary advisory services and assistance to the governments of developing countries and countries with economies in transition to strengthen their national capacities has been re-organized several times under the following names:
Dept. of Economic Affairs, ca 1946-1954
Dept. of Economic and Social Council, ca 1955
Technical Assistance Administration, ca 1955-1958
Dept. of Economic and Social Affairs, ca 1955-1978
Office of Technical Co-operation, ca 1967-1977
Dept. of International Economic and Social Affairs, ca 1979-1993
Dept. of Technical Co-operation for Development, ca 1979-1993
United Nations Centre on Transnational Corporations, ca 1985-1993
Dept. for Policy Co-ordination and Sustainable Development, ca1994-1997
Dept. for Economic and Social Information and Policy Analysis, ca 1994-1997
Dept. for Development Support and Management Services, ca 1994-1997
Dept. of Economic and Social Affairs, ca 1998 up to present.
To preserve their identity, the records of the various technical assistance projects are maintained according to their provenance, i.e. the actual name of the organizational element which originated the records forms a part of the series title.

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Is superseded by: 1966/0182: Field admin.& working files of the UN Special FundProject,Lead/Zinc mining & smelting survey,Burma
Is superseded by: 1991/0118: Project Work Files
Is superseded by: 1993/0107: Project Files
Is superseded by: 1995/0011: DESA - Project files Vietnam, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Poland, Turkey, Togo, Mauritania, Tunisia, Burundi, Guinea Bisseau
Is superseded by: 1995/0009: DESA - Project files Togo, Mauritania, Guinea, Republic of Korea, Guinea Bisseau
Is superseded by: 1989/0154: Project Work Files
Is superseded by: 1991/0114: Project Working Files
Is superseded by: 1995/0010: DESA - Project files Turkey, Yemen, Ehtiopia
Is superseded by: 1991/0115: Programme Budget Files Committee on Natural Resources
Is superseded by: 1991/0116: DESA - Technical Assistance Project Work Files
Is superseded by: 1991/0117: Project Files

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